Member Meeting (9/9) 12pm  Meeting is in regards to the up coming IRONMAN Shoot.



Starting at 4pm (9/6) we will be holding a wobble trap league. The league will 6 weeks long. You will be able to shoot ahead or behind if you cant make it. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be available for purchase. 25 Bird FiveStand will also be open for practice shooting.
– 6 weeks long
– 25 bird wobble trap
– Hotdogs and hamburgers available for purchase
We hope to see you there!


SalmonCreek will be hosting a IRONMAN SATURDAY! 9/22/18

1 Day , 3 Events. 25 Trap doubles, 25 Skeet doubles, 25 FiveStand doubles! For a total of 150 Targets

$60 Entry fee, $10 optional lewis class,

Free lunch and T-shirt with Event entry

Take a look at our calendar below to see what upcoming events we have.